Have you tried cannabis for pain?

What cannabinoids were most effective for you – THC, CBD, CBG?

I hear repeatedly from cannabis consumers about how cannabis – specifically THC impacts their pain.

There are two common ways that people experience pain relief from cannabis.

  1. Some people report that cannabis quickly decreases their pain with the right combination of THC, CBD or CBG
  2. Others say (as reported to Dr. Rav Iver, cofounder & former president, American board of Integrative Holistic Medicine), that they weren’t entirely sure if THC was doing anything to relieve their pain but it sure took their mind off of it!

Personal observation is key to finding how cannabis can help with your pain. I have experienced both of these responses in my personal cannabis experience.

Do you know what else I notice with pain? 

It occupies so much space in my mind that it is a challenge to think of anything else, do my daily tasks, move with ease and feel good in my body. When pain thoughts begin to subside, it feels like a fresh breath of air, a spaciousness in my thoughts and the ability to go about my day – sometimes completely pain free and sometimes no more thoughts about pain.

Do you have pain in your body or maybe someone close to you does?

How are you navigating pain management?

Do you need some extra guidance, insight or tips?

That’s what I’m here to help you with.

You can start with your free 15 min Discovery Call and we’ll talk about your situation and how I may support you.

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