Edibles make you high! You’ve been warned!

When we are getting to know cannabis, the goal is to keep our experience safe and comfortable. However, we all may have that ‘one experience’ when we can look back at ourselves and laugh… but not often when we’re in the moment! We’re human and we are bound to mix up our dose, take too much at some point and end up with a higher dose than intended. It happens… to many of us.

My first time experiencing an intense high from too much, was from an edible cookie I had in Mexico. It was made with organic oats, chocolate, nuts and seeds – the epiphany of health! I tried a delicious bite and didn’t feel anything for over an hour. I was planning to head out dancing for the evening. As I was getting ready, I decided to take one more bite! I never made it to the dance, but I did make it to my bed. I had a wonderful trip through many kaleidoscope visions, vivid stories in my mind and the deep desire to never move again. I slept it off, the feelings faded and I learned my lesson. Stop at one bite!

Just the other night, a client was checking in with me and had eaten 2 squares of a THC chocolate bar totaling 40mg of THC. That’s a lot for a new microdoser!  Good thing they have a cannabis coach on standby! I guided them through the experience with some important tips that can really help lessen the intensity of the experience:

  1. Find a safe place to lay down and rest
  2. Drink some water and eat a small snack if you are able
  3. Be calm and assured that you are not in danger
  4. TAKE SOME CBD – this is most important! Always have CBD on hand in your medicine cabinet for times like these. Start with a dropper or 10-20mg and see how you feel in about an hour. If you’re still feeling uncomfortable, take some more CBD.  CBD kicks out some of the THC from your receptors thus reducing the high.
  5. Some people find that chewing on peppercorns can be effective too. There is a terpene called caryophyllene in peppercorns that can act similar to CBD and help to lessen the high.
When you wake the next day, take some time to reflect on your experience. Maybe you had some benefits from your experience like extreme stress relief, disappearance of pain, complete rest for your body or maybe you received a bit of weed wisdom. Write that down, keep that little bit of goodness just for you.

It’s helpful to have a coach by your side who will help you navigate a safe and effective cannabis experience.

My coaching delivers this PLUS fine tuning a program that works for your situation, tips and tricks to save money and guidance to create your own medicine.

It starts with a conversation. I would love to hear where you’re stuck, where you want your health to be and I’ll tell you what you can do NOW so that you begin to get closer to your health goals.

Set up a time to chat with me here. It’s a 15 minute discovery call to hear where you’re at in your health and wellness and where you might be feeling stuck. I’ll let you know how I can help you reach your goals in a way that’s simple and supported. Talk soon!

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