You’ve likely heard that cannabis and CBD can help

with sleep, pain, stress, depression, anxiety and more. But how? In the January meeting of the Speakeasy Women’s Cannabis Club, I’ll be giving a workshop called Cannabis 101. At this informative (and fun) meeting, you’ll learn:

  • what conditions cannabis might help
  • why cannabis works (your endocannabinoid system)
  • the potential benefits of THC and CBD
  • potential side effects
  • the ways you can consume cannabis and the benefits and drawbacks of each method (smoking, vaping, edibles, oils, topicals, tinctures will be covered)
  • Where to get it
  • You’ll even get an amazing handout

​Join us and have all your canna-questions answered.

This Speakeasy Women’s Cannabis Club workshop is open to women 40+ from Canada and beyond who are curious about cannabis. We’re a very inviting and welcoming crew, so if this is your first meeting, take a leap of faith. We promise you’ll learn some awesome stuff, meet some excellent women and laugh more than you have in a while!

(This Club is held online via Zoom. Please familiarize yourself with the platform before you join so you know what’s up!)

The Speakeasy Women’s Cannabis Club is led by certified Cannabis Coach and Educator, Terese Bowors from I’ve been learning about cannabis for 10 years now and I have a passion for changing the world with women and cannabis.

Our meetings follow a similar pattern each month

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Workshop
  • Q and A
  • Consumption Circle
  • Time to socialize


What: The Speakeasy Women’s Cannabis Club January Workshop – Cannabis 101

When: Wednesday, January 19, 22 from 6:45pm-8:45pm

Where: Zoom

Cost: drop in $20 or membership $199

To sign upclick here

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