What triggers a migraine for you?

Migraines and cannabis have not been heavily studied with double blind human trials yet; however, there is research on the effects that cannabis has on our endocannabinoid system and the role it plays in balancing the central nervous system. We also hear lots of anecdotal evidence of migraineurs trying cannabis and having positive results in:

  • reducing the frequency of migraines
  • preventing migraines and
  • interrupting a migraine in process

Is cannabis the end all be all for migraine management? Not likely, but it is a tool that can be integrated into your whole treatment plan.

As with all dis-eases within our bodies, we have to find the most effective way of intaking cannabis that will work for a migraineur. It is common for migraineurs to experience the most relief from vaping or smoking cannabis.

Vaping – that’s a hot button word for sure!

I hear it often that people are hesitant to try vaping. Vaping seems so similar to smoking a joint and can bring up all those stereotypes that we’ve held onto so tightly. So let’s have a look at this and maybe reframe how we look at administering our medicine through inhalation.

Inhalation is the process of intaking medicine through the lungs, the medicine could be cannabis or pharmaceuticals. When my Dr. hands me a prescription for inhaled medicine, I’m likely more than willing to take it without hesitation. It could be an inhaler for asthma or insulin through inhalation (my daughter, with Type 1 Diabetes, just showed me this new method of insulin administration! Can you imagine inhaling your medicine when previously you had to inject it!!)

Inhalation is the fastest method of intake as it absorbs into the bloodstream almost immediately. Relief is very quickly on its way and also on its way out before most other methods of intake. Vaping simply is inhalation. It is the method of getting cannabis into your body in the quickest and most effective way. It is not a reflection of you, who you are, what you believe. It does not make you a stoner. It is not a gateway drug. It is simply a method and an effective one at that.

Smoking weed- nah, we’re inhaling medicine.

Want to know what I did to tackle a raging migraine? This video was a FB live I did while having a migraine a few months ago. I tried a number of different methods of intake and ended up finding what worked best. Can you guess what it was?


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