Besides cannabis, what other healing tool has been most beneficial for you?

It’s no secret that cannabis is a powerful healing tool AND works well when combined with other modalities. We look to cannabis to be a part of our toolkit but not the one exclusive ‘thing’ that will cure us all!! ….

No, I’m not making that claim at all.

I consider cannabis an integral part of my healing repertoire but not the one and only. 

I’ve been healing from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for about 11 years. When I got my diagnosis, I was napping two to three hours a day. I was barely holding it together with a blended household of 4 kids, homeschooling and caring for a child with Type 1 Diabetes. I started right away researching different options for what I could do. The first step was to remove gluten, dairy and any other foods that were not working for my body. This helped to reduce some of the digestive issues that I was having, but it didn’t offer huge gains in my overall wellness. I went through a whole journey of trying many many different things. 

Healing from any illness rarely is a one stop deal.

We may need a variety of tools that support our physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Our illnesses aren’t all physical, we are complex beings and all aspects of our bodies can carry the illness. 

There were three things that really pushed the needle for me in my healing. These are completely unique to me and are not a cookie cutter for anyone else. But it helps to know what works for others so that we can get clarity on our healing direction. 

The top value in my life is health.

I’ve lived with it and without and far prefer to live with it! So my determination to heal has been a driving force for answers and solutions. Never Give Up! 

Are noticing changes in your wellness? 

Are you feeling the nudge to focus on your wellbeing? 

Each of our journeys are unique and often require sleuthing, curiosity, safe experimentation and a bit of luck. 

I’d like to share the number of avenues I tried for wellness and the three top tools that really moved the needle for me.  Hang on, this is going to be a LONG scroll!

NAET – Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques



Castor oil packs 

Coffee enemas 

Kundalini yoga 

Body scrubbing 

Essential oils 


WOE: AIP, Paleo, Raw, Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy Free


Hormone Panels

Healthy sleep hygiene

Blue light glasses

Dry Brushing

Remove toxins in the house

Mud baths 

Energy medicine 

Theta Healing

Craniosacral massage 





B12 injections 

Laser therapy 

IMS – Intramuscular stimulation

Food Testing

Plant Medicine Journeys



Detox protocols

Infrared sauna

Mold testing in the house and body

Radon testing 

Removed wi-fi 

Functional Medicine Doctor 


Turned off Bluetooth 

Poly MVA injections

Removed mercury fillings 

Supplements and more supplements! 

Sophia Health Institute in Seattle, WA 

Infrared Biomat


Biophoton Light Therapy

Mouth taping

Oil Pulling


Apart from all these tools, the top THREE winners for me that really make a big impact are:


Cannabis Carnivore Ozone Therapy


We are all unique individuals and what works for one person may not work for another. But there are endless options available. Don’t Give Up!

Do you have a healing success story? I’d love to hear about it. Send me a message so I can celebrate your success!


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