I love hearing your cannabis stories, they bring so much hope and encouragement! 

Find out how Sunny significantly reduced the pharmaceuticals he was using to help manage MS. Cannabis provided a light at the end of a dark tunnel of severe depression, anxiety and illness and brought back hope and healing.

On November 14, 2009 I got up like every other day except this day something occurred so rare that only 13 people in Canada would experience it.

I had a permanent and severe reaction to the H1N1 vaccine. I can only describe the experience as horrific, my body and eventually my mind, out of control. It started with aches all over my body and severe fatigue. Weeks later came the constant nausea and dizziness, whole body muscle spasms, and massive intestinal pain and headaches.
Eventually my fingers and toes became numb and my eyes began haloing. My entire body was rebelling. I had a seizure driving and eventually passed out. Mini seizures dominated my life weekly leading to severe anxiety and later depression. Every time I passed out I would end up in the hospital. Once I passed out while walking and broke my shoulder and got a concussion.
I spent the next 3 years in and out of hospitals, clinics, laboratories being dissected and tested like a lab rat. At one point they surgically implanted a health monitoring chip to keep track of my vitals.
My first diagnosis was:
  • IBS,
  • then AFIB,
  • shortness of breath and
  • finally MS
Then came the treatments…
  • steroids,
  • respiratory,
  • cardiovascular and
  • gastrointestinal medications
These all had side effects which were addressed by prescribing more medications, anticonvulsants, anti nausea, pain management, muscle relaxants, sleep meds. I spent everyday battling this illness, it became my life.
I was forced to retire, my career was over. I grew more and more anxious everyday and eventually severe depression set in as I wondered if this would be the rest of my life. Was it worth living?
I lost my way and my mind and succumbed to a dark and lonely place, spending most days in bed. I was still trying to be a husband and a father but 5 years later the symptoms became worse, I lost feeling in my left side, restricting me to a wheelchair.
FINALLY, after 7 years, promising research indicated Cannabis might help. I found a new doctor willing to prescribe it and within a few months saw drastic results. I started to reduce medications eventually leading to the elimination of over a dozen. An unexpected side effect of taking cannabis was improved mental health. My anxiety and depression are becoming manageable. For the first time I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and had hope of a better life. I became empowered once again, I smiled and woke up everyday with a renewed passion for life. In the past few months with the help of my cannabis coach and a spiritual healer I have found meaning in my life and eliminated all but one medication.
Cannabis saved my life, my marriage and my family. Peace, Love and Happiness… Everyday is now a Sunny Day


Do you have a healing success story? I’d love to hear about it. Send me a message so I can celebrate your success!



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