Have you ever consumed cannabis with a spiritual intention?

Cannabis purposes…

are so vast! We’ve traditionally used cannabis recreationally in our modern age, not really understanding the medical aspects of cannabis. Now, in our new awareness, legalization and education, we are understanding more and more about the medical aspects of cannabis. Let’s not stop there! Cannabis for our spirit and soul also has benefits. There’s even an entire book devoted to this practice called “Cannabis and Spirituality” by Stephen Gray.

One of my favorite quotes by Stephen Gray is:

“…These are great teachers, embodied as plants, here to show us something, and some are here to help take care of us… If we are so very clever as we like to think, we would be wise to listen.”

Many religions and cultures include cannabis as a sacrament and incorporate its medicine with very specific intentions and uses. People report that these sacred sessions invite relaxation, lightheartedness, brighten a dark day, slow down the pace so that one can hear the birds, smell the flowers, take in nature and the beauty that surrounds us, music sounds better, food tastes better, senses are enhanced! Wow! I’ll take that! We need all the help we can get to live wholehearted lives grounded in joy and peace. 

What are your thoughts and judgements around these communities of people? In the past, I’ve judged pretty hard. Labeled with all the stigma laden terms, discarded these people and their practices. Until I experienced it for myself. 

Cannabis Wisdom…

is how I describe the downloads of thoughts, insights, understandings that can accompany cannabis, especially when a clear intention is set. I notice there are two clear ways that I have experienced spiritual experiences with cannabis. 

The first happens unscheduled, accompanied by my daily nighttime dose. If I’ve been struggling with challenges during the day and can’t find clarity, I bring the intention of clarity into my night time session. This opens up the opportunity for Cannabis Wisdom to arrive. Cannabis wisdom looks like Lightbulb moments when my cluttered mind of thoughts and worries begins to calm and the stress subsides. I notice a calmness in my thoughts, I notice I can breathe deeper and I begin to hear new thoughts of hope. When my cluttered mind is so busy, I can’t hear my truth or be at peace. I love that moment of transition from the constant buzz to peace and calm. That is when the wisdom can arise. My thoughts and ideas refresh, new ideas and understandings emerge and I often will have an answer, clarity or hope about the challenge from the day. 

The second way to experience Cannabis Wisdom is through a planned and intended Plant Medicine Journey. This well planned out experience is often accompanied with a guide who can be your companion and support you along your journey. Clear your schedule for a number of hours so that you can really sink into the experience and spend lots of time listening and healing. This can be a cozy experience around a fire, curled up on your yoga mat with loads of pillows and blankets or even in nature. Setting up a safe sacred space free from distractions is important. A Plant Medicine Journey can be very profound and one you may remember for a long time.

If you are looking for deep healing for your being – not just physical aches and pains, maybe you would consider a Journey~

What ways do you use cannabis spiritually? Send me a message.


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