What signs does your body tell you when you are about to experience anxiety?

There is an intelligence in our bodies that clues us into what is going on in our bodies. It is subtle and commonly overlooked in our current pace of life. We don’t often take the opportunity of quiet and reflection that we once did when our schedules weren’t so full with responsibilities that don’t ever seem to take a break. Possibly this is a factor for our anxiety in the first place!

But it is important.

These small subtle clues can guide us before we reach chaos and big time trouble within our bodies. One of the classic messages that I have ignored in the past is the lead up to anxiety. I notice that anxiety approaches in a variety of ways including:

  • Suddenly, due to a stimulus
  • Slowly builds throughout the day
  • Wake up in the morning with it
  • Ever present, it never seems to take a break

What is your most common presentation of anxiety? Did you know that you can tailor your cannabis experience to the multiple ways that anxiety presents? Let’s look at a couple cannabis dosing options for anxiety.

Anxiety presents itself in a number of different ways and each one may require a different cannabis dosing routine.

Let’s identify how anxiety is presenting in your body. We’ll look at two common ways anxiety approaches and identify some cannabis dosing options.

Anxiety is every present in my day:

This calls for cannabis dosing that lasts throughout the day. Slower onset provides the opportunity for longer effectiveness. Try a cannabis oil with low THC/high CBD first thing in the morning and repeat your dose 3 times during the day, either when you notice anxiety heightening again or on a time schedule like 8am, 12pm, 4pm.

Anxiety slowly creeps up on me:

This is your opportunity to nip anxiety in the bud early with a vaped low THC/high CBD or mostly CBD only flower. Vaping cannabis flower kicks in immediately and lasts about 1-4 hours. Often, catching anxiety early can help curb it from heightening any further. Check and see how you feel after a few hours and take another puff or two if needed.

If you experience anxiety both of these ways:

You can combine these two dosing routines! Start with a daily schedule of cannabis oil and augment with vaping if you have breakthrough anxiety.

You’ve got this!

If you really need more support to tackle your anxiety, I’m here to help! Shoot me an email and we’ll work through some solutions together.

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