Have you been hearing the latest rumors about Cannabis and Covid?

​The Oregon State University recently noticed that cannabinoids in cannabis including CBDA and CBGA, bind to the spike protein and prevent Covid from binding to you!

I’ve been pretty silent on these findings because I haven’t felt I could fully speak to this, until now! One of my colleagues Corinne Tobias from Wake + Bake put together this wonderful article that walks through the science, filters out the fact from fiction and how cannabis actually does its work. Here is an easy to understand article of what’s really going on.

Take a look


I have a few important take-aways that I want to be sure you understand before running out and buying all the cannabis in your town!

There are only 2 specific cannabinoids that are identified with this study and its likely that we are NOT consuming them in our day to day consumption. These are CBDA and CBGA – which are the raw and unheated forms of the cannabis flower. That means, when you light up your daily THC joint, you are NOT getting CBDA and CBGA. Raw cannabis flower that contains CBD/CBG is the only way to get CBDA and CBGA. A few ways that you can consume these raw cannabinoids is by making a unheated tincture, tea or just eating the raw flowers in salad, smoothies or topped on pizza.

Interestingly enough, the study totes the benefits of CBDA and CBGA but does not mention THCA —- that’s because THC is federally illegal in the USA and can’t be included in the study.

Is THCA beneficial for the COVID?

We don’t know, the study excluded THC.

Also of note, the research was performed in a lab in a Petri dish – no clinical trials yet and no clear evidence of it working within the human body for covid. We need clinical trials!

How Much Do I Take?

How much to take, what method of intake, what schedule of dosing was not studied… remember, this was in a Petri dish. It was noted that a ‘HIGH’ amount of cannabinoids were used. What does that exactly mean?? 🤷

While this research is promising, it is missing some clear evidence on how to use these cannabinoids for COVID, what dose, frequency and actually what cannabinoids are helpful. I’m pleased to see some light on this topic, and also don’t want people running out and spending gobs of $$ on products that may not be helpful.

​If you’d like to try working with the raw forms of cannabis and need some direction, give me a shout! Email Terese.

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