What would you take for menstruation/menopause symptoms?

The book, “A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis” by Nikki Furrer, is a great read for a relaxed and educational look at cannabis for all things woman. Nikki talks about her cannabis experience with consuming cannabis when Aunt Flow comes to visit. Let’s listen to her story.

Nikki’s story gives us a little idea of how cannabis can be incorporated into our monthly cycles to help manage pain, mood, sleep, night sweats, stress and relaxation. Layering was a method that she used to optimize her cannabis impact on the many symptoms of menstruation. Here is a quick list of other ways to consume cannabis to even out your month and maybe even support more energy.  

  • Topical application of a salve or cream on your pain points, lower back and belly
  • Topical application with a CBD Bath Bomb
  • Topical application with CBD Massage oil
  • Ingestion of an edible for deeper pain in the body
    • Women’s tea with supportive herbs and THC 
    • Chocolate infused with cannabis 
    • Cannabis Oil or Tincture
  • Inhalation of a high CBD cannabis flower in a vape pen for stress relief, pain and mood
    • Strain options: Pure Sun CBD, CBD Cannatonic, Mango Haze
  • Inhalation of a THC cannabis flower in a vape pen for sleep
    • Strain options: Afghan Kush, Headstash, Pink Kush

Cannabis isn’t all you can do to support your cycle. Herbs, supplements, diet, movement and rest all play a role as well. What if we created a wellness routine just for our toughest days in the month? What would that look like to you? Every month we have the opportunity to nurture our bodies that work so hard for us. Maybe we can give back self-care and attention one day at a time.

It turns out that I’m a self-care expert. There once was a time when I didn’t take time for my own self-care, until I literally couldn’t survive without it. Don’t wait too long, like I did. Need help? Let’s talk.


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