In your pursuit of quality Cannabis products, understanding the labels is crucial. Health Canada has implemented standardized labeling to provide consumers with consistent information. Let’s delve into what you should look for on Cannabis packages.

Deciphering the Label

Legal Cannabis products adhere to strict packaging standards. They come in child-safe, tamper-proof containers and feature essential details, including brand, product name, the Cannabis symbol, excise stamp, cannabinoid amounts, health warnings, and more. A magnifier can be beneficial for examining fine details packed onto the labels.

Key Indicators

  • THC Symbol (>10mg): Indicates a product with more than 10mg of THC. Some CBD products may also bear this label.
  • Excise Stamp: A legal product in Canada carries this stamp, with each province having its distinctive color. BC’s stamp, for instance, is turquoise.
  • Cannabis Amounts Diagram: Illustrates the total amounts of unactivated THCA or CBDA and activated THC or CBD in the product. Activated totals are crucial for dosing, especially in edibles and oils.

Health Warnings and Ingredients

  • Health Warnings: Different products may have various health warnings. Pay attention to these for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Ingredients List: Edibles, topicals, and oils list ingredients by weight, aiding those with allergies or concerns about additives.

Dates Matter

  • Expiration Date vs. Packaged On Date: While some products display an expiration date, others show a packaged-on date. Consider the latter for a better insight into freshness, as many Cannabis products are yet to establish a clear expiration date.

Connect with Licensed Producers

  • Contact Information: Each label includes the name, phone number, and email of the Licensed Producer (LP) who manufactured the product. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the LP with questions; it’s a valuable resource for consumers and aids in improving the industry.

Optional Features

  • Strain Name, Terpene Profile, Full Spectrum or Isolate: While not mandatory, these optional features provide valuable insights. Products transparent about these factors often gain consumer loyalty.

Navigating the intricate details of Cannabis labels empowers consumers to make informed choices. If you have further questions, reach out to the Licensed Producer – it’s a collaborative effort to enhance the Cannabis industry!

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