Do you really need a cannabis prescription to utilize cannabis for medical purposes?

Technically, no.

Recreational cannabis is readily available through our retail cannabis stores. Recreational and medical cannabis are the same product with different packaging. There are a number of benefits, however, to going the extra mile and obtaining your prescription. 

Let’s start with how to obtain your cannabis prescription: 

Step 1: Inquire with your family doctor if they will issue you a prescription for medical cannabis. You may be met with varying responses depending on how receptive your doctor is to cannabis. Explain that you have some basic knowledge about cannabis and the endocannabinoid system and what you’re hoping cannabis can do for your health and wellness. If you choose to work with a cannabis coach, let the doctor know that you will be well supported. Otherwise, you can take your inquiry to an online clinic and speak with a doctor or a nurse practitioner who will write up a prescription for you.

Step 2: Choose where you want to purchase your medical cannabis. Medical cannabis is only available online through Licensed Producers or LP’s. There are numerous choices of LP’s across Canada. Remember, you can only access medical cannabis online, your products will be shipped directly to you. Your cannabis coach can help you choose a LP that’s right for you. Many LP’s have an online clinic where you can access doctors that will assign your prescription to the LP they represent.

Step 3: Select your products. Your prescription will tell you how many grams of cannabis you can purchase in a day; however, it does not tell you what products to get, how to take it or how to counteract side effects. This is where a cannabis coach comes in handy! 

Why go through the hassle of getting the paperwork done when you can simply visit the store down the street? 

There are any reasons, including:

Health Insurance 

Currently, most insurance companies do not yet cover medical cannabis, but they may allow a claim under a Health Spending Account.

Tax Deduction 

Keep your receipts! Your medical cannabis receipts, including equipment, are a tax deduction. 

Compassion Pricing

Many LP’s offer compassion pricing that may apply to seniors, children, veterans, disabled or low income individuals ranging from 10-50%.

Lower Pricing

A quick comparison between the retail stores and online LP’s show that LP’s are generally lower priced, between 8-40% on identical products. 

Higher strengths 

LP’s may carry more specialized strains for medical purposes including a selection of higher CBD strains than what you may find in a retail store. You may also find a greater selection of cannabinoids and higher concentration of products which last longer at low doses. 


It’s a personal choice to obtain a cannabis prescription. In many situations, the benefits outweigh the extra paperwork.

Contact me, your Cannabis Coach, for guidance with your cannabis prescription. 

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