Speakeasy Women’s Cannabis Club Drop-In

Speakeasy Women’s Cannabis Club for women over 40 from Canada and beyond who are curious about cannabis. We’re creating an inviting and welcoming space, where you can comfortably ask your cannabis questions and share your stories. I promise you’ll learn some awesome stuff, meet some excellent women and laugh more than you have in a while!

Every month will be a new topic, Q&A’s, connecting with others and more!

WHERE: Online Zoom (for now)
WHEN: 3rd Wed of the month from 6:45pm – 8:45pm PST
WHO: Women 40+ from Canada and Beyond
WITH: Led by Certified Cannabis Coach, Terese Bowors


Select the topic you would like to register for. A Zoom link will be e-mailed to you upon completing purchase.

Feb 15, 23 Club Launch – Free Hang Out Session

March 15, 23 Cannabis Gardening Part I

April 19, 23 DIY Cannabis Infused Fats – Butter + Coconut Oil

May 17, 23 Deep Dive About CBD

June 21, 23 DIY Tinctures – Sugars + Salt

July 19, 23 Cannabis Gardening Part II Q&A

Aug 16, 23 Deciphering Product Labels and Dosing

Sept 20, 23 DIY Gummies and Chocolates

Oct 18, 23 Cannabis for Weight Loss

Nov 15, 23 DIY Cannabis Salve

Dec 13, 23 Working with Concentrates


Join the yearly membership for $19.99 and receive $5.00 off each Club Meeting.

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3 reviews for Speakeasy Women’s Cannabis Club Drop-In

  1. Deb

    I look so forward to our monthly zoom meetings, I can’t believe it been a year already! I am so glad I took the step to connect with Terese on zoom, this was a big step for me because I knew nothing about zoom meetings, but with Terese and my husband’s help, we got connected. What a pleasure it has been. Terese is that warm fuzzy blanket or special teddy bear that knows how to listen and knows when to share. She lets you know she hears you and shares your pain, for she too has suffered and shares her stories. We are looking for the same things, whether it is physical, mental or day to day struggles. Terese has assured me I am on the right path, it just takes time to figure out the right formula and way of use, for we are all snow flakes, no two alike! I learn something new every zoom and it has been a pleasure to have met so many others also struggling, that alone helps knowing you’re not alone! Thank you all for sharing your stories. Happy growing this amazing plant!

  2. Polly Campbell

    Polly Campbell – December 2, 2022

    I joined the Speakeasy Women’s Cannabis Club through a profound and high recommendation of a dear friend. She ensured me that I was going to absolutely love it and I ASOLUTELY DO LOVE IT!

    Through the years I have been dealing with pain, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and taking a number of medications especially following a surgery. My goal is to live a better life and be free of unnecessary medications and their side effects. Through leaning about cannabis and it’s properties, I am on a conscious decision making path for my own health and wellness.

    I chose to start on a drop in basis a few months ago to check it out and for financial reasons. Now, I wish I heard about it a long, long time ago! I will be joining for a full year in 2023 and the years to come. The Cannabis Coach Terese, is so welcoming and extremely knowledgeable and truly one of the finest people I know!

    Terese and the precious women in the group welcomed me with open arms and I instantly felt a sense of safety and trust. The club consists of a variety of wonderful women all on our own journey and learning, sharing, caring and having fun together.
    I so look forward to this monthly meeting and learning more on making my own remedies, tinctures, oils, salves, benefits of THC and CBD, etc.

    I grew my own plant for the first time this year, thanks to the same great friend who gifted it to me. I found myself happy and connected to this plant which I endearingly named “Star”. We had a great growing season and harvesting season which has been such a great experience for me. Not only did I learn so much about the plant but also about myself. I learn, I grow and make and honour decisions for myself.

    I would highly recommend this group to any woman who wants to learn more about cannabis and the spectrum of educational topics as well as growing these sacred plants in a safe and caring environment of beautiful women. I hope you join us!

  3. Kelly Tisdale

    So I did a thing last year! I decided to go off my prescription drug for sleep and try Cannabis. Not knowing really anything about Cannabis I felt a little intimidated with were to start. So long story short, I went to one of Terese workshops and just knew this was the direction I needed to go in but did have some trepidation around the whole stigma around Cannabis. I decided to join her Speakeasy Women’s Cannabis Club. I signed up for the year and said to myself…what have I got to loose! Well 1yr later I can tell you I have made some friendships with other lovely ladies and have learned a plethora of information on this amazing plant. Terese was so very knowledgeable on this subject! She made me feel very welcome and at ease on our monthly workshops. We had great discussions around the stigma that comes with the use of Cannabis. We learned so many different ways of using this wonderul plant. I even grew my own this past summer! Who knew I would be at almost 60yrs of age growing weed..lol!!! I have made my own Tintures (Terese taught us how to) for sleep and pain! I have met the most wonderful ladies in our club. It’s so nice to share stories and input with each other and really feel safe! Terese creates that!!! I am so thrilled and look forward to this next year with Speakeasy Women’s Club. I have so much more to learn and am gaining the confidence to share this with others. I am very greatful for this opportunity to take my health into my own hands and learn of natural ways to do so! Thank You Terese and all my peeps involved with Speakeasy Women’s Cannabis Club! See You in 2023!

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