The image that pops into many of our minds when thinking about consuming cannabis is smoking a joint.

Thankfully, that is not the only method of consuming cannabis to receive the medical benefits. But it certainly has its merits.

There are numerous methods of intake for consuming cannabis including inhalation, oral sublingual, oral ingestion and topical.


Inhalation is consuming cannabis through smoking a joint or vaporizing. Inhalation absorbs into the bloodstream almost immediately and is transported to receptors in the brain and then distributed throughout the body. Vaporizing utilizes convection vs. combustion, convection is much less irritating for the respiratory system. Vaporizing allows for flexibility in adjusting the temperature on the vape device to your comfort and to activate specific terpenes. This method of intake has the quickest onset of all the methods with the shortest length of active medicine.


Oral Sublingual method utilizes the mucous membranes in the mouth to more quickly transport cannabis throughout the body without having to inhale. Sublingual method is achieved with an oil, tincture, mint, lozenge or similar. To activate a sublingual result, hold your cannabis oil or similar in your mouth for 1-5 min to experience quicker onset. Oral Sublingual with an oil, offers easy dose adjustments by simply increasing or decreasing a dose one drop at a time. 


Oral Ingestion method is eating your cannabis! Your edible is processed through the digestive tract and responds differently in the body than inhalation. An edible may be a capsule, cookie, gummy, chocolate or beverage. This method of intake takes the longest to activate within the body and the easiest to take too much! Edibles activate between 1-3 hours and can last between 6-8 hours. Be cautious with edibles, do not take a second dose before the full 3 hours has lapsed. Often, people will not feel it working and take a second dose before the first has kicked in causing unpleasant side effects. Take caution!


Topical application is applied directly to the skin for relief of surface areas of discomfort like joints and muscles that are close to the surface of the skin. Deeper areas like hips and knee joints may need an additional method of intake. A topical may come in the form of a salve, lotion, cream or bath bomb. Topicals absorb into the skin but do not cross the blood brain barrier and do not generally lead to intoxication. Topicals may be applied multiple times a day without negative side effects. Be sure to rub in well for best absorption and reapply often.

Each of these methods have their benefits and drawbacks. During the Experimental Phase of a beginner cannabis experience, many people will start with the Oral Sublingual method and expand to other methods for more efficacy. We are looking for what works best for you, we are all unique in our responses to cannabis and it takes dedication to the Experimental Phase to find the perfect method of intake for you.

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