Your Guide to Sourcing Quality Cannabis: Navigating Retail, Medical LPs, and the Legacy Market

Since the legalization of Cannabis in October 2018, accessing it has become more convenient and safer. This article explores three viable options for purchasing Cannabis in Canada.

  1. Retail Stores: Easy Access, Limited Information

Retail stores across Canada offer Recreational labeled Cannabis obtained through Provincial Governments. It’s important to note that these stores cannot sell Medical labeled products or provide information about Cannabis for medical purposes. While you don’t need a prescription to purchase from a retail store, you must be 19 or older in BC, check your province for legal age restrictions. Retail stores provide easy access, similar to Tim Hortons on every corner. Staff, known as Budtenders, may or may not be well-educated about Cannabis, but they are restricted from offering advice on medical product selection. It’s advisable to know what you need before visiting.

  1. Licensed Producers (LPs): The Medical Cannabis Hub

All Medical Cannabis is sourced from online Licensed Producers (LPs), which don’t have physical storefronts. To access Medical Cannabis, you need a prescription from a doctor or nurse practitioner. Your prescription details the amount of Cannabis you can purchase daily, typically measured in grams. There are numerous LPs across Canada, some serving both Recreational and Medical markets. Despite identical products, Medical Cannabis may offer higher potency and potentially lower prices. One significant benefit is the ability to write off Medical Cannabis purchases & supplies on your taxes.

  1. Legacy Market: Exploring the ‘Grey’ Area

The legacy market encompasses products from growers licensed under previous legislation. While not legal, these products, often part of the ‘grey’ market, can be produced by experienced Cannabis growers. Caution is advised, considering the risks associated with unregulated products. It’s crucial to review the contents of the plant to avoid harmful chemicals. If exploring legacy products, respectfully ask for the Certificate of Analysis (COA) and learn about the grower’s practices. A Cannabis Coach can provide assistance in navigating this complex terrain.

Navigating the various sources of Cannabis post-legalization requires informed decision-making. Whether choosing retail, Medical LPs, or exploring the legacy market, understanding the nuances of each option ensures a safe and satisfying Cannabis experience.

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