The fear of being high from cannabis plagues many of us…

We hear about the benefits of cannabis, but we’re leery of walking around with bloodshot eyes, a stagger to our step, dropping all our cares and sinking into unmotivation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

There is a time and place for being high and there are also therapeutic benefits to experiencing a high, BUT if that doesn’t fit your M.O., there are many other options. You can still function at work and home, be able to take care of your responsibilities and be full of motivation while using cannabis. Cannabis may even be a catalyst for these states of well being.

I use a method of dosing called ‘microdosing’. This method helps me find the lowest amount of cannabis needed to obtain the desired results. We start really low and go slow, titrating up until you reach your sweet spot or Minimum Effective Dose (MED).

The two main cannabinoids that I work with are THC and CBD, though there are many, many more that are currently being researched and have many beneficial effects on the body. THC is the intoxication cannabinoid at larger doses but rarely in micro-dose situations. You may experience a high from THC at higher doses. CBD is non-intoxicating and works alongside THC to reduce the intensity of ‘high’ effects. The combination of THC and CBD work well together, kind of like really great sisters (shout out to my sister, whom I have a dream relationship with). Let’s say I’m THC (as I am the more ‘out there’ kind of sister), and my sister is CBD (she’s the more logical one). One day, I take too much THC and am feeling the effects of a high but it’s not a convenient time for me to be high. I call up my sister, CBD, and explain the situation and she’s all over it with bailing out some of the THC to smooth out my high and bring me back down to earth. Thanks sister CBD!

Your intention also pays a big part in navigating cannabis and how it is working for you.

What are you using cannabis for? What are your desired outcomes? It’s helpful to take some time and think about your intentions. Intentions provide a road map for your cannabis experience to follow and provide the most beneficial experience.
Want to know how microdosing can be effective for you?
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